- Faridah, CA

Rapha Remedy helped my skin rashes problem and out of curiosity applied some on my scalp occasionally and surprisingly it stimulates hair growth too! So excited to see tiny hairs growing when i thought age is actually catching up.

- Thelma, FL

I love Rapha Remedy! I had a mole on my breast and used Rapha Remedy--it's gone!

- Wilma, OH

Our cat had a spot on her back that looked like ringworm. I put Rapha Remedy on it twice a day and it was soon gone. Thank you.

- Elsie, NJ

Just a note to tell you how much help your Rapha Remedy is to treat my psoriasis. After several years (especially winters) of increasing itching, burning, and oozing of my hands. I now have relief. I learned of your product from Doug Kaufmann's program, "Know the Cause". You explained what causes can be behind the dry skin and burning, peeling skin. After 2+ years using Rapha Remedy , I'm very pleased. No more burning or peeling skin etc. At the first sign on my hands I apply generously to areas and leave moist for the night. Next morning the visible rash is gone and, with the use of rubber gloves when doing dishes, I'm able to avoid the ugly itching. Many thanks also to your telephone rep, Judy. I just ordered 8 oz of this marvelous cream to prepare for the coming winter months.

A lady had called to order Cinnabalm. She said how wonderful it worked for her mother on kanker sores. Healed them right up!

- Irene, NM

My husband Gary, 57 year old, T-3 Paraplegic since 1986, developed a decubitus ulcer March 25th, 2005. The decubitus ulcer was the result of a standing frame that did not have a Roho cushion. The second decubitus ulcer was the result of an old, flat Roho cushion in his wheel chair. We have kept infection away from D #1 so far, but the full healing has not occurred. D #2 is not infected or healed. The home made remedies help a little, but the wounds break open and bleed. Gary began Rapha Remedy March 7th in the pm. At first no changes...then, all of a sudden, the ulcers looked like healing is really taking place. No bleeding because they are not raw open wounds. More healing has taken place in 17 days then in almost 1 year of the treatments that we were using. Thank you for the Rapha Remedy and the other products we hope to try as soon as we can.

- Dr. Rebecca, CA

My stallion had a terrible itchy, bleeding, fungal infection on his chest and lower jaw. It was cleared up almost instantaneously with your Rapha Remedy. We both are grateful beyond mere words. God bless you many times over!

Cynthia, AL

I had carpal tunnel surgery and had 5 large incisions on my right hand that went up my arm and past my elbow. It was really bad and the meds that the dr. perscribed were not working. I used Rapha Remedy with P73 Oregano and it was the only thing to take the pain away. Now my scaring is a very thin hairline that you can hardly even see. All I know about this product is"it just works!"

- Amber

My diabetic husband developed his first ever leg ulcer. I had him start using using [Rapha Remedy with P-73 Oregano Oil] and the sore is now about half the original size. He has developed a second sore, and it, too, is now about half the original size. The product is excellent for any skin problem.

- Marlene D. Livingston, TX

"During the summer of 2006, a 1/2 " diameter gray spot appeared on my right temple, and the entire right side of my face felt like 50-grit sandpaper. I purchased a small jar of Rapha Remedy [P73 Wild Oregano] in your store about Sept. 15, 2006. I applied it faithfully at least 3 times a day. Eight days later I returned to purchase 2 larger jars and other items. The gray ( most likely melanoma) spot was completely gone and my face was smooth again. Thank you for developing such a marvelous product. My grandson's severe acne, and my granddaughter's frequent, severe inner elbow rash are both being treated with Rapha Remedy [P73 Wild Oregano], but they just started, so we have no report yet. Continued use in keeping my face smooth. Numerous blemishes on my husband's back are also responding well to the Rapha Remedy [P73 Wild Oregano]. This year I returned for MORE Rapha Remedy [P73 Wild Oregano]."

Evelyn, NE

I had an ulcer on my vericose vein and my dr. gave me an antibiotic cream to use. It did not work so I tried Regular Rapha Remedy instead and it healed it right up.

Kaye, Findlay, Ohio

I have tried every "aluminum free" deoderant that I have found and none of them work for me. I either have sticky arm pits or they barely mask the odor associated with not using "anti-perspirant", anyway, I also have this issue of really sensative skin especially when I shave and in the past, when I wanded the white powdery metal laced stick of white poison over my pit it would seal off the pore opennings and not stay irritated all day so I realize that I am choosing something very bad for me but nothing else has worked as well until now.. Today I tried Rapha Freeze Plus instead of my breast cancer causing comfort stick and I am kind of blown away at how it has soothed them after shaving this morning. Not just that, but it has a very pleasent scent of minty freshness... so far I am very pleased!