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Q:How do I know which RR to use?

A:Regular or Original RR can be used anywhere in or on your body - psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, dry skin, cellulitis, bites, scrapes, etc

Q:Which RR Would I use for bedsores, gangrene, diabetic ulcers, precancerous spots?

A:RR With P73 Oregano or Rapha with frankincense and myrrh

Q:Can it be used for nail fungus?

A:Yes, I would use Rapha Tea Tree Oil 2-3 times a day

Q:Is RR safe for pets and children?

A:Yes, We've used it on a 2 hour old baby born with a fungal rash all over his torso! It is also used on pets for infected ears, eyes, footpads, pain, etc.

Q:Which would be best for nerve pain, neuropathy and plantar fasciitis

A:Rapha Freeze Plus

Q:Does TKO kill mold?

A: Yes

Q:What does Barb use in her face for wrinkles?

A: Morning Glory Toner, Morning Glory cleanser, Restore Night Oil, and new rapha with Rose

Q:What are D' Limonene caps good for?

A:Wonderful, anti-fungal, breaks down deposits in body; great for esophageal issues

Q: What is balanced 600 good for?

A: Helps reduces cholesterol, balances sugar