Children Ear Candles

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Homeopathic Candling Instructions:

1. Have the client lay on their side. Place a pillow under the person’s head to bring head up even with shoulder.

2. Cut a small hole in the center of a paper plate. Insert the small end of the candle through the paper plate, making certain the opening of the candle is not bent or pressed shut.

3. Light the candle.

4. When you see smoke coming from the small end of the candle, gently but firmly, place the small end of the candle into the ear opening. Make sure it is well sealed in the ear.

5. Make sure there is no smoke coming from under the plate. Leakage of smoke around the ear indicates improper positioning or seating of the candle. Simply adjust the postion of candle until no smoke appears. Note: Unless the person has a hearing problem or blockage, they should hear the crackling sounds of the candle or crackling of the flame.

6. When crackling sound slows, take the candle out of the ear, snuff out the candle, snip ashes off the candle, turn upside down and clean candle out by pushing a toothpick through the small end of the candle.

7. After candle is cleaned, relight and insert in the same ear.

8. Continue until candle has burned to within 3 – 1/2 inches above the plate guard.

9. Put 3% hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab and have the person gently cleanse the inner surface of the outer part of the ear.

10. Wash your hands and any used surfaces immediately after performing the ear candling procedure to prevent any infectious matter that could be contagious.

**IMPORTANT: DO NOT SNUFF CANDLE OUT WHILE IT IS IN THE PERSONS EAR. Be sure to always candle both ears. Candling one ear may throw your equilibrium off.

DISCLAIMER: The use of ear candles and the ear candling procedure is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. Remember, this is an old home remedy. Use common sense at all times. The user must assume full responsibility and not hold the manufacturer or seller liable for any claims, obligations, injury, expense, or damage arising from the use of the product.

Rev. 4/2005 100% Beeswax No Paraffin added, produced by Annete Moore at AM Essentials.



My husband is a coal miner and is losing his hearing. The doctor told him the only thing that would help him would be ear candling. Thanks for providing products that can truly help people. Anonymous, VA

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