BosMed™+ Boswellia with Frankincense Oil. 60 Softgels, $35.95

BosMed™+ Boswellia with Frankincense Oil. 60 Softgels, $35.95
  • Manufacturer: EuroPharma/Terry Naturally
  • Condition: New
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Price $35.95

Boswellia serrata extract has been a vital component of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Unique among botanicals, it supports certain pathways that other compounds can’t. Frankincense oil from Boswellia carteri is also a treasured herbal ingredient known for its support of overall health and cellular protection.* 

While Boswellia serrata and Boswellia carteri are different species, both are known as frankincense, and are long-trusted and scientifically validated. 

BosMed™+ Boswellia with Frankincense Oil combines an advanced form of boswellia, uniquely standardized for greater strength, with a supercritical, CO2 extract of frankincense oil that preserves its concentrated, undiluted power for a fuller spectrum of benefits.

Together, this botanical combination protects your cells from the risk of oxidative damage and supports a healthy inflammation response essential to a vibrant life.*

  • Strong Cellular Protection*
  • Healthy Inflammation Response*


† Occasional inflammation due to exercise or overuse