Microbe Blast, 4oz.

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Microbe Blast is an all natural plant based antimicrobial supplement for human and animal consumption. It is produced using a proprietary blend of pollinated plant esters and processed using a highly advanced proprietary method. Tests performed at a major university and a top toxicology lab confirmed that this product is non-caustic and all natural. The following is a quote from a study at a major university in California: “This is to confirm based on three tests at various concentrations tested that 10ml of (*Microbe Blast) tested, showed not to contain any caustics or butyls. The results showed the same as a pollinated ester found in many all natural derivatives associated with plants themselves”.


In a study at a major university in Kentucky, the Microbe Blast product killed 100% of all five bacteria that were studied (in vitro) including e-coli., salmonella and listeria. This unique product is able to identify the unhealthy protein molecules of the microbes and "melt" them, reducing them to their base elements while not harming any good cells.