Cranberry Forte, 400 mg/100 caps, $18.95

Cranberry Forte, 400 mg/100 caps, $18.95
  • Manufacturer: Rain Rock Nutritionals
  • Condition: New
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Price $18.95

Our Cranberry Concentrate is no ordinary Cranberry capsule. Most of the cranberry capsules that are on the market today are in liquid form contained in softgel capsules.

Our cranberry formula is in dry form contained in a gelatin capsule. Why is this better? Rather than simply put cranberry juice that has been slightly concentrated into a softgel cap, we are able to use a much higher concentration of cranberry when it is used in the dry form.

First, the cranberries are juiced, then the moisture is permitted to evaporate. The remaining solid residue is an extremely concentrated form of cranberry. Many of the softgel forms of cranberry start off this way, but the solids are rehydrated with a lesser amount of water to make a much weaker concentrate. Our cranberry capsules are encapsulated using the pure cranberry solids remaining after evaporation. Not only will you find this form of cranberry concentrate to be extremely potent, you are likely to find that our cranberry is less expensive than most of the other brands that have only a fraction of active ingredient compared to this formula.