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GH3 is the world-famous anti-aging formula discovered by the Romanian gerontologist Dr. Ana Aslan, and given to tens of thousands in the form of shots and pills since the mid-1960's at her Spa in Bucharest. One of GH3's main actions is an anti-depressant effect, felt as a mild euphoria by many. In recent years GH3 has been found to have a definite cortisol-inhibiting effect, which may help to explain its apparent rejuvenative effects experienced by so many over the past 50 years. Regardless, GH3 is known to be a safe and effective supplement, and is sold over-the-counter in most of the civilized world, as well as the state of Nevada. Court cases over the years and the passage of the Dietary Supplements Act of 1994 have placed GH3 squarely in the realm of dietary supplement (a "pro-vitamin"), and so Tierra Marketing (TMI) has seen fit to keep it available to the American public, as it has for the past 15 years.