Aclare Air, "ZONE your home!" Special

Aclare Air, "ZONE your home!" Special
  • Manufacturer: Waterwise
  • Condition: New
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Price $599.90

ZONE treat your home! 3 Aclare air units for the price of 2!! This offer is good until Dec. 31st 2013

You get:
3 - Aclare air unit

Aclare Air's photocatalysis technology oxidizes odors, fungi, mold, and toxic chemical gases. At the same time it settles dust and other large particles out of the air and reduces micro- organisms like bacteria and viruses.

Aclare Air's innovative air purifier uses advanced technology that goes beyond mechanical filtration methods such as high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and other methods such as electrostatic filtration, ozone, ultraviolet light and ionizers.

Consistent reduction of airborne bacteria and mold was produced by all of our Air Purifier devices tested in this in-home study. This was typically about 90% reduction of molds and 75% reduction of bacteria comparing the six-day treatment with the untreated in-home base line values. Normal home activities were maintained throughout the test period.

Aclare Air also offers low power consumption (15 watts) and a 2 year lamp life. 800 sq ft coverage.