Anti-fungal Regimen - 1st 30days

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This program was developed as a six (6) month natural healing process to be used along with the Phase One Diet. Starting with Candida Clear, to begin the process of eliminating Candida Albicans (fungus) from the body. Candida Clear is a combination of Caprylic Acid, Pau D Arco, Oregano Oil which are anti-fungals and Black Walnut which is an anti-parasitic. This combination, of anti-fungals, starts the process without causing severe Disbiosis (Die Off). The anti-parasitic is added just in case there is a problem with parasites. You should see significant results in 180 days, these results will indicate whether you should contiue Phase One or move to Phase Two.

First month contains:

  • One box of Probiotics (60 caps)
  • One bottle of Candida Clear (90 caps)
  • Two bottles of Wellspring Noni (260 caps)