Omnizyme Forte, 200 Capsules, IMPROVED FORMULA, $103.95

Omnizyme Forte, 200 Capsules, IMPROVED FORMULA, $103.95
  • Manufacturer: Rain Rock Nutritionals
  • Condition: New
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Price $103.95

Volumes have been written about the benefits of pancreatic and plant source proteolytic enzymes. Nutritional physicians for years have used proteolytic enzymes as part of their natural approach to help patients to lose weight and as a nutritional approach to such disorders as, but not limited to: degenerative diseases, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, indigestion, inflammations, and disorders involving inflammations (-itis at the end of a word generally indicates inflammation; i.e. arthritis, pancreatitis, diverticulitis, etc.). They should be the supplements of choice in any problems like sprains, strains, arthritis, burns (including sunburn), pre and post-surgical (including dental), poor circulation, etc. Pardon us for crowing, but we have simply the best enzyme on the market, bar none. NO ONE makes an enzyme with as much as a-chymotrypsin (an extremely potent and long-lived proteolytic enzyme) as we do. Compare our ingredients to other so-called "high-potency" enzyme formulations and big name European-made enzymes then compare prices. Our high potency proteolytic enzyme formulas contain a mixture of 10 different enzymes as well as other synergistic nutrients to enhance the nutritional benefits of this powerful blend of enzymes. This product is best delivered in tablet form. Since stomach acid is highly destructive to pancreatic enzymes and to most plant source enzymes and since capsules are quickly broken down in the stomach, the use of capsules with enzymes is a bad idea. For most nutrients, passing through the stomach does no harm and in some cases is helpful and even necessary, but it is not good for most enzymes. Since capsules can not be enteric coated, any enzyme formula in a capsule form is likely to be of a greatly diminished value. Beware of the term "enteric coated". An enteric coating is one that is placed over the tablet to protect its contents. However, unless it says " pH sensitive" before enteric coating, you may be getting a simple protein or even vegetable shellac coating. Protein coatings do work to a limited degree, but can be digested by stomach acid, thus exposing enzymes to premature destruction. Sometimes, the protein coat survives the stomach, and unfortunately the duodenum as well, allowing the tablet to pass through the system undigested. We have two high-potency, pH sensitive enteric-coated enzyme formulas. The formulas are similar, with the same with the exception of the amount of a-chymotrypsin content. a-Chymotrypsin is an extremely potent pancreatic enzyme of which much has been written. Its activity is so great that most enzyme formulas (including those big name European-made ones) on the market only contain 1/2 to 1 milligram. Our Omnizyme Forte formula contains the same enzymes and nutrients with the exception that the a-chymotrypsin count is 45 milligrams per tablet.

EACH pH SENSITIVE ENTERIC COATED Capsule SUPPLIES: Pancreatin (4X) - 1250 mg Papain - 150 mg Bromelain - 150 mg Trypsin - 125 mg α-Chymotrypsin - 45 mg Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) - 50 mcg Catalase - 200 units L-Glutathione - 10 mg Lipase - 50 mg Amylase - 50 mg Rutin - 100 mg Lyophilized Calf Thymus- 55 mg Zinc (as Gluconate) - 1 mg