Fungus Link 2

Fungus Link 2
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"Following the enormous success of the Fungus Link, Volume 1, Dr. David Holland and I decided to continue our work linking seemingly harmless fungal spores to the human disease process. We began this work in 1996 and continue it to this day. While working clinically with severely sick individuals, we found a correlation between fungal diseases and serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity and several others. Due to the severity of these diseases, entire books had to be written to fully understand the full complexity of the fungus link. "It is our goal to educate the lay public as well as physicians and researchers of the fungus link to disease. Whereas the yeast, Candida albicans has been the topic of conversation in many best selling health books for decades, this yeast is only one of over 400 species of fungi that cause diseases in human beings. As you will read, contact with these toxic fungal spores is common. Most antibiotics ARE fungal poisons. Amazingly, only one of these poisons (Aflatoxin) is tested in our food supply, despite the fact that we consume them almost daily in our meals. How do you detect these fungal conditions? How can they be successfully eradicated? The book you are holding provides many answers." - Back cover notes by Doug Kaufmann