Non-Soap Skin Cleanser Original Scent, 16 oz

Non-Soap Skin Cleanser Original Scent, 16 oz
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Hypo-allergenic and pH balanced, we offer three great formulas with CITRICIDAL, a natural standardized extract of grapefruit seed clinically proven to promote and maintain healthy skin tissue. So clean you can feel it! What does Non-Soap mean? I like to feel "soap and water clean". "Soap and water clean" might not be as clean as you think. Soap as a cleaning agent often is harsh, is potentially irritating and leaves a residue which can dry the skin. Most bar soaps are made from sodium solids of fatty acids (the old beef tallow and lye mixture). Liquid soaps use a potassium salt and fatty acids, which keeps them fluid. These soaps are often very alkaline (basic) and have a high pH. The pH of healthy skin falls into the range of 4.5-6.5 and is considered to be slightly acidic. A highly alkaline product can strip the skin of its protective lipid layer and deplete the acid mantle, both of which help keep skin healthy. Skin without its acid mantle and lipid layer can become dry and cracked and may be more susceptible to infection. Our Non-Soap Skin Cleansers is formulated to be gentle on the skin. We use surfactants derived from coconut and olive oils to help remove dirt and grime, and the cleanser is pH balanced at 5.3-5.7 - easily within the pH range of healthy skin. Our Non-Soap Skin Cleansers will clean skin and remove dirt and oil as well as harsher soaps but will not dry and damage the skin in the process. Your labels on the Fresh Fruit and Original say "Contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate", and yet sodium laureth sulfate is the second ingredient. What gives? Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (also known as SLS) is a common surfactant ingredient in detergents and shampoos. It is highly alkaline and is very harsh. Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) is a cousin to the SLS derived from coconut oil and is extremely mild. It is used extensively in infant formula soaps and rarely causes irritation. While there has been a fair amount of negative publicity regarding both SLS and SLES, it should be noted that in the laboratory tests of these ingredients toxicity was caused by application of a 100% SLS solution to the shaved and abraded skin of albino lab mice. The solution was then reapplied numerous times during the testing period and never rinsed from the skin. The total concentration of SLES in our products, and of SLS in other cosmetic products, is less than 4%, and the product doesn't remain on the skin for more than a few minutes. Even if you were to pour the entire 16 oz. bottle of Skin Cleanser into your kitchen sink and fill it half way with water, you would be getting less than a 4% dilution. The tests done which indicated a potential danger of toxicity with these ingredients cannot be easily applied to humans and common use of the ingredients. (Example: If you force-feed a rat eleven watermelons and he explodes, you cannot then say that watermelon makes people explode.) It should be noted that we have had numerous calls and letters from chemically sensitive people stating that they love our Skin Cleansers and other bath products and have no reaction to them. For those individuals who prefer to have a Non-Soap Skin Cleanser without sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, we receommend our Sensitive Skin formula, which is free of these ingredients. Is your Non-Soap Skin Cleanser phosphate free? Yes. Our formulas contain no phosphates. They are also free of chlorine derivatives, colorings and artificial fragrances. Is your Non-Soap Skin Cleanser all natural? I am concerned about artificial and synthetic ingredients. All ingredients in our formulas are derived from natural sources. However, this does not mean that they are not synthesized or refined. Natural ingredients are neither inherently safer nor of better quality, and often natural ingredients are less effective than their synthetic counterparts. An all-natural soap would be made from lye, ash and animal tallow, none of which are good for your skin. I live on a property that uses a septic system instead of city sewage. Is your brand of skin cleansers safe for my system? Yes. Our formulas are biodegradable and phosphate free. They pose no threat to your septic system or the environment. It is a fact that we all have different skin types, so what cleanser is right for my skin? For individuals with normal to dry skin, we offer a natural moisturizing Fresh Fruit formula. Combining the great benefits of aloe vera and oils of coconut, you will maintain your skin's moisture mantle while removing dirt and grime. For those individuals who do not like fragrances, we have our Original Skin Cleanser. This formula is gentle and non-drying, cleanses away pore clogging residue with GSE, and leaves your skin less susceptible to environmental toxins. Finally, for those extremely sensitive individuals that are allergic to fragrance and have concerns with certain ingredients, we offer our Sensitive Skin Cleanser, which is free of paraben preservatives, sodium laureth/lauryl sulfates, cocamide DEA, free chlorine derivatives, colorings, and fragrance. Original INGREDIENTS Purified Water Sodium Laureth Sulfate The sodium salt of sulfated ethoxylated lauryl alcohol. (Lauryl Alcohol is a colorless crystalline compound produced from coconut oil. Provides sudsing and is mild. Ethoxylated means treated with a mix of ethyl, from ethane, and oxygen to increase its solubility. Also helps to emulsify the mix.) Used as a wetting agent and amphoteric (either positively or negatively charged depending on the alkalinity or acidity of the water) surfactant in non-irritating shampoos and cleansers. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is much milder than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is why we use it. Aloe Vera Gel Acts as a humectant and thickens the formula. Soothing to the skin, helps to promote healing. Cocamidopropyl Betaine Made from coconut oil and beets. Used as a tertiary surfactant and a skin conditioner. Sodium Chloride Salt. Included for its antiseptic and mild astringent properties. Glycerin Vegetable in origin. Works as a solvent, humectant (moisture attraction) and emollient (moisturizer). May be ingested with no harm done. It is non-toxic and non-irritating. Citric Acid Derived from citrus fruits and used as a preservative. Helps to acidify the formula so that it is pH neutral. Citricidal 0.5% concentration of grapefruit extract. Included as a natural antiseptic and preservative. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose A vegetable cellulose gum used to thicken the formula. Non-toxic. Diazolidinyl Urea A cosmetic preservative. Our formula contains less than 0.3% of this ingredient. Methylparaben Used for antimicrobial and preservative properties. Non-toxic. Our formula contains less than 0.5% of this ingredient. Allantoin Skin soother. Helps to heal wounds and to stimulate growth of healthy tissue. Non-toxic and synthetically derived. Note that in this instance, synthetic is better than "natural". Originally, allantoin was derived by heating uric acid with dichloroacetic acid. Uric acid used to be derived from the excrement of small birds and scaly reptiles, and therefore was an animal-origin product, which would make the allantoin also animal in origin. The actual allantoin molecule is simple enough that it can easily be created in the laboratory, thus giving manufacturers and formulators control and consistency of quality, as well as ensuring an ample supply into the marketplace. Birch Leaf Extract Included for its mild astringent properties. Helps to soothe skin inflammations and eruptions. Birch Sap Included for its mild astringent properties. Helps to soothe skin inflammations and eruptions. Butylene Glycol Humectant and preservative. Calcium Pantothenate Pantothenic Acid Calcium Salt or Vitamin B6. Used for its emollient and lubricity properties. Clover Blossom Extract Soothing and mildly astringent. Coltsfoot Extract Wild ginger. Used for its soothing properties and believed to have the ability to open pores and increase the release of skin toxins (historic). Ethoxydiglycol Used for its ability to rid the skin of surface oils. Non-irritating and non-penetrating to the skin. Horsetail Extract Rich in minerals, especially silica, necessary for healthy skin, hair, nails and bones. Helps to eliminate excess oil from the skin. Inositol Soothing and moisturizing. A member of the B-complex family. Nettle Extract Mineral rich herb. Stimulates circulation and tones the skin. Peppermint Extract Purifies the skin and has mild astringent properties. Also lends a wonderful fresh fragrance to the finished product. Sage Extract Used to soothe and heal skin. Believed to have antiseptic properties. Yarrow Herb used for its astringent qualities.