GSE Tablets, 125 mg, 100 tabs

GSE Tablets, 125 mg, 100 tabs
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The product is easy to swallow and eliminates the problem of bitter or unpleasant taste. How can the product be non-toxic if it is so potent? Extensive testing done at independent laboratories and universities around the world has proven the concentrate to be safe for human consumption. It is effective against pathogens because it belongs to a family of compounds known as quaternary compounds. This family is best known for benzylkonium chloride and benzylthonium chloride as well as the infamous Quaternium group, a very toxic antimicrobial preservative used in the cosmetics industry. While Grapefruit Extract is molecularly similar to these compounds, there are some profound differences in structure and function. Studies done to date indicate that there is little danger in either short-term or long-term internal use. What about using it for my pets? Since the concentrate is safe for consumption, it is well suited for animal uses. The tablets can be added to the animal's food. LIST OF INGREDIENTS Citricidal 125 mg - Extract of the pulp, seed, and inner rind of grapefruit. The raw material goes through a multi-stage patented process. Rice Protein Fiber - Filler. Adds bulk and enables product to be pressed into a tablet. Vegetable Cellulose - Acts as a binder to hold the Citricidal together. Vegetable Stearine - Acts as a surface lubricant to aid in tableting. Guar Gum - Derived from oats. Used as a filler. Vegetable Coating - An inert coating used to protect the tablet from moisture and ease swallowing (think of the difference in taking generic aspirin versus swallowing an enteric-coated aspirin tablet).