Know the Cause

Safe Solutions for Fungal-Related Infections and Ailments

About 20 years ago Barb discovered Doug Kaufmann (accidentally) on purpose when returning after work at the Christian TV station WTLW. Ironically Barb found a program he was hosting on, “Angel One Network” (Another Christian station). He was charming and fascinating.

Could almost every ailment, disease, and sickness be caused by fungus? Of course it can! Everything he talked about validated the symptoms and problems Barb was already having because of moldy conditions Barb was exposed to and working in… To make a “LONG” story short… this was the beginning of an enlightening journey and friendship with one of my favorite people… Doug Kaufmann… Mentor, Teacher, and Friend. Listen; Learn; Motivate; Activate; Share; Grow; Know the Cause; Be Well & Prosper